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Treatment for lead in drinking water is evolving. Will the U.S. EPA catch up? -Chemical & Engineering News (posted November 21, 2018)
Tap water from Green Bay, Wis., never exceeded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s lead action level until 2011, when concentrations of the brain-damaging metal suddenly spiked to over 25 ppb. EPA requires drinking water utilities to take steps to cut lead when amounts rise above 15 ppb.
Green Bay Water Utility Plans to Eradicate City's Lead Pipes By December 2020 - WFRV (posted October 22, 2018)
Green Bay Water Utility is working toward its goal of removing all of the city's lead pipes by December 2020, and replacing them with either copper or plastic ones. 
Water Rates May Go Up- WTAQ (posted August 17, 2018)
A water rate increase could be coming to Green Bay.
City water purification company's door-to-door marketing confusing Green Bay water customers - Green Bay Press Gazette (posted August 16, 2018)
A water purification marketing plan is causing confusion and raising questions across the city. 
Green Bay Water Utility requests 9.4 water rate increase- WBAY (posted August 16, 2018)
Green Bay residents could see an increase on their water bills in the coming months.
Green Bay unveils new water station on CityDeck -FOX 11 (posted May 7, 2018)
Green Bay Mayor, Jim Schmitt, fills up at Green Bay Water Utility's new water bar and station on CityDeck as part of National Drinking Water week.
Green Bay is Flushing Water Mains -WFRV (posted April 16, 2018)
The Green Bay Water Utility will start flushing water mains on Monday, April 30.
Green Bay water utility seeks 9 percent rate hike to help fund pipe replacement - Green Bay Press Gazette (posted January 28, 2018)
Proposed rate hike would be the first in more than two years. Increase will help utility step up its pipe replacement schedule
Preventing broken water mains and water pipes with Green Bay Water Utility - Fox 11's Good Day Wisconsin (posted January 12, 2018)
Green Bay Water Utility workers are interviewed live on Good Day Wisconsin