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Water Rates May Go Up- WTAQ (posted August 17, 2018)

GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - A water rate increase could be coming to Green Bay.

The Green Bay Water Utility says the increase would address aging infrastructure.

Some of the materials that need attention are not merely decades old, but more than a century.

"Some of it dates back to the 1880's," explains Green Bay Water Utility spokesperson Andrea Hay. "That's necessary so that we can ensure that we have a reliable system to deliver clean and safe drinking water to all of our customers."

Residents may see nearly a 10% increase.

The increase would equate to an average of $1.44 per month, the average for a household of four.

Hay states that water increases are not an uncommon occurrence across the state and country.

"Actually most municipalities in Wisconsin and across the nation the water rate regularly goes up every year," explains Hay.

In fact, Green Bay customers have not seen a rate increase since 2015.

The request is still being considered by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, but Andrea Hay was able to shed some light on what a potential timeline could look like.

"If this were to go through, it would most likely go to customers on October 1st," says Hay.

Engineers say replacing aging equipment is the safest and most cost-effective option they have.

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