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Commercial Cross Connection Program

Industrial Cross Connection Certification Form 

Cross Connection Inspection Devices Form

The City of Green Bay Water Utility has a comprehensive Cross Connection Control Program to protect the potable (drinking) water supply.  A cross connection is where the potable water piping may be arranged in a way that a non-potable source can contaminate the potable supply through a backpressure or back-siphonage situation.  An inspection is required to protect the integrity of the potable water supply.

In compliance with WI DNR 810.15 and SPS 382.41, your establishment is required to undergo a cross connection inspection by a licensed plumber every two years. This inspection ensures water from your internal plumbing does not compromise treated drinking water in Green Bay Water Utility’s distribution system. Green Bay Water Utility will not be performing these inspections for commercial customers after 2019 due to the demand of these biennial inspections.
On January 1, 2020, your business will officially become responsible for the hiring of a State of Wisconsin certified cross connection assembly tester or a State of Wisconsin licensed plumber of your choice to perform this inspection. Proof of inspection which includes all existing devices, assemblies and requirements within the facility must be submitted either in person, email to julianneel@greenbaywi.gov or by mail to Green Bay Water Utility by July 31st, 2020.  The required forms are included or can be found at our website www.gbwater.org. The owner of the property is responsible for all associated costs and compliance with the City of Green Bay Municipal Code 308 (c).  In the future these inspections will need to be completed once every two years in order to comply with WI DNR 810.15 and SPS 382.41. 

 Questions? Please call Julianne Elsner at 920-785-7910 or email at julianneel@greenbaywi.gov.