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QUESTION:  What is the Checkfree Automatic Payment Plan?
ANSWER:     It’s a great way to have your water and sewer bill paid automatically.
QUESTION:  How is it easier than paying each bill by check?
ANSWER:     You don’t pay for postage or transportation. There is no check to write. You’ll never be late for a payment if you are away from home. Plus, you’ll never have to pay a late payment charge because you’ll never be late!
QUESTION:  So exactly how does it work?
ANSWER:     It’s easy. Just fill out the attached Checkfree Agreement Form authorizing your financial institution to automatically deduct the amount of your Green Bay water and sewer bill from your account. Send the form to us now or along with your next payment and include a voided check from your checkbook. We will take care of the rest.
QUESTION:  Will I still get a bill from the Green Bay Water Utility?
ANSWER:     Yes. Just like in the past. The only difference is that your bill will have printing on it that tells you that your bank account will be charged.
QUESTION:  When will my Checkfree payment be deducted?
ANSWER:     Your account will be charged on the due date shown on the bill.
QUESTION:  Do I pay any charges for the Checkfree program?
ANSWER:     Absolutely not! The Checkfree program is a free service from Green Bay Water Utility, although your financial institution may charge for this type of transaction. You may want to call them and ask. However, you will save the money you’re currently spending on checks and stamps or transportation.
QUESTION:  How will I know my bill has been paid?
ANSWER:     Your Checkfree deduction will be listed on your monthly bank statement as an item labeled similar to “GREEN BAY WATER CHECKFREE” depending on your bank’s printing capabilities. Also, you would receive a “past due” notice if it hadn’t been paid per your authorization.
QUESTION:  What if there is not enough money in my bank account to cover the payment?
ANSWER:     Just as if you were paying by check, a return check fee will be added to the amount you owe on your water bill. We will notify you by mail of this additional charge along with instructions to call our office to make arrangements for payment.
QUESTION:  What happens if I change financial institutions?
ANSWER:     It’s easy. Send us the name and address of your new financial institution and a new voided check. We’ll take care of the transfer for you.
QUESTION:  Can my payments be deducted from a savings account?
ANSWER:     Yes, however there are a few different steps you’ll need to follow. In addition to the signed agreement, you’ll need to:
Verify that your bank will deduct payments from savings accounts (some don’t)
Send to us, on a separate piece of paper:           
            a) Your bank ABA number (obtain from your bank)
            b) The savings account number you want to use, and
            c) Your signature (in addition to the one on the Agreement)
QUESTION:  What if I move?
ANSWER:     If your new residence is served by the Green Bay Water Utility, you simply fill out a new Agreement and send a new voided check.
QUESTION:  How soon after I sign up will my Checkfree payments begin?
ANSWER:     It will take at least 10 days to make the arrangements with your financial institution. Your payments will begin with the first bill you receive after you sign up for the plan.
QUESTION:  How do I sign up for the Checkfree program?
ANSWER:     Read the enclosed Checkfree authorization form carefully and fill in the information required. Mail it to us now or with your next payment. Be sure to include a check marked “void” from the account you want used for your Checkfree payments. That’s all there is to it.