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Unidirectional flushing began in April. and some customers will experience short-term discoloration and lower water pressure. Go to the projects tab of this website to learn about UDF, and click this yellow bar to go directly to our LIVE MAP. Our UDF program wraps up in the fall. Thank you for your patience!
OUR BILLING OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17>>>: The water utility's billing office will be closed Friday, September 17, due to electrical work being performed on our building. Please use gbwater.org to pay your utility bill, and call (920) 448-3483 in an emergency. Thank you for your patience! 
The mission of the Green Bay Water Utility is to provide a reliable, high-quality drinking water supply with exceptional customer service and value.

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"I was without water due to frozen pipes. Marc was extremely helpful and very kind. I am very appreciative of his knowledge, hard work and for him coming out in the cold."
Erin, Green Bay